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Welcome to a digital oasis of empowerment—Apps to Build Self-Esteem. In this interconnected age, we recognize the importance of technology as a tool for personal growth. This page is your gateway to a carefully curated collection of apps designed to guide and support you on the transformative journey toward enhanced self-esteem.

Harnessing the power of your smartphone or tablet, these apps offer a convenient and accessible way to incorporate positive habits, mindfulness practices, and personal development into your daily routine. From guided meditation sessions to interactive exercises, these digital companions are crafted to empower you with the insights, tools, and motivation needed to foster a strong and resilient sense of self-worth.

Whether you’re seeking a boost of confidence, tools for self-reflection, or a personalized approach to your mental well-being, these apps cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Your device becomes a portal to a world of encouragement and self-discovery, available at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Embrace the synergy of technology and personal growth as you explore these apps, making strides toward a more confident and empowered version of yourself. The journey to enhanced self-esteem has never been more accessible—download, engage, and embark on a transformative path to self-discovery today.



Headspace is a well-known mindfulness and meditation app designed to help users manage stress, enhance well-being, and improve sleep. The app provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that are aimed at promoting relaxation and mental clarity. The Sleep by Headspace feature is specifically tailored to assist users in creating a conducive environment for restful sleep. It has gained popularity for its user-friendly approach to incorporating mindfulness into daily routines.

Meditation Oasis

Meditation Oasis

Meditation Oasis® is known for its early entry into the meditation app space and is recognized for its simplicity and user-friendly approach. The apps provide a calm and meditative space for users, and one notable aspect is their one-time fee model for paid apps, as opposed to the subscription-based model that some other meditation apps adopt. This pricing approach has been appreciated by users seeking a more straightforward and accessible way to incorporate meditation into their routines.

A Photo-Based Gratitude Journal

"Brighter: A Photo-Based Gratitude Journal"

The Brighter Gratitude Journal is a tool designed to help individuals express thanks and appreciation for positive aspects in their lives. With a simple and aesthetically pleasing design, the journal provides a range of soothing colors for users to choose from. The intention is to create a visually appealing and uplifting experience as individuals engage in the practice of gratitude, fostering a positive mindset and acknowledging the brighter aspects of life.



Happify is a platform that offers effective tools and programs to help individuals take control of their feelings and thoughts, particularly when experiencing sadness, anxiety, or stress. The platform aims to provide resources and activities that contribute to emotional well-being, promoting a positive and resilient mindset. Users can engage with various tools and programs designed to enhance their overall mental health and happiness.



Calm is a popular software company that provides meditation and relaxation resources. It offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and various tools to help users manage stress, improve sleep, and enhance overall well-being. The Calm app has gained widespread popularity for its user-friendly interface and diverse content, making it accessible to individuals seeking mindfulness and relaxation practices.



Reflectly is a journaling app that incorporates principles from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The app is designed to assist users in increasing motivation, cultivating gratitude, practicing mindfulness, and reducing anxiety. Through journaling and guided prompts, Reflectly aims to support individuals in their personal growth and well-being by fostering positive habits and a positive mindset.



The award-winning ThinkUp app is designed to help users manifest positivity and self-love through daily affirmations and "I am" mantras. One notable feature allows users to create a personalized affirmation loop using their own voice. By incorporating daily affirmations and positive self-talk, ThinkUp aims to empower individuals and contribute to their overall well-being and mindset.

Day One

Day One

The app features a beautiful and award-winning design, providing users with a focused writing experience. The layout is designed to include everything users need for effective writing, eliminating unnecessary distractions. This emphasis on simplicity aims to enhance the writing process and create a seamless environment for users to express their thoughts.



Gratitude is presented as a tool to help individuals focus on the positive aspects of life, cultivate mindfulness, and live with intention. By incorporating gratitude into daily practices, users can develop a mindset that appreciates and acknowledges the positive elements in their lives. The app likely offers features or prompts that encourage users to express and reflect on what they are grateful for, fostering a positive and intentional approach to daily living.

I am - Daily Affirmations

I am Daily

Daily affirmations play a vital role in rewiring our brains, fostering self-esteem, and transforming negative thought patterns. Empower yourself by vocalizing your dreams and ambitions through a variety of daily intentions. Set reminders to receive these affirmations throughout the day, creating a positive and uplifting mindset.

Mantra - Daily Affirmations

Mantra Daily

Prioritize your mental health by immersing yourself in the realm of affirmations. Our brains have a tendency to echo negative feelings when fueled by negative thoughts, but the same principle applies to the positive side. Engage in daily affirmations to rewire your brain and break free from these negative patterns.

The Shine

The Shine App

Promoting daily mental well-being for everyone, the app enhances your mornings, brightens your days, and helps you be your authentic self. Explore fresh meditations daily that align with your personal experiences and surroundings.



Advocate for the mental health of young individuals, fostering resilience, social-emotional learning, and student success through a practical and engaging approach. The SuperBetter app leverages the psychology of gameplay to attain significant victories in various aspects of life.

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