Leslie Hemedes

Welcome to Watermelon Joy, a warm and inviting women’s blog where you’ll meet the heart and soul behind it all, Leslie Hemedes. Leslie is not only a mom of two little ones (ages 6 & 8) but also a multi-talented Clinical Psychologist, Real Estate Agent, and passionate entrepreneur.

Her ambitious spirit is matched only by her deep appreciation for meaningful relationships, and she takes great pride in supporting others on their journey to empowerment and well-being.

Leslie’s innate ability to create lasting and strategic connections stems from her keen understanding of people and her warm, savvy energy. When you connect with her, you’ll feel seen, heard, and truly understood.

Having weathered the challenges of single-handedly raising her two younger kids for the first two years of her daughter’s birth in the Bay Area, Leslie discovered her own capacity for growth and new beginnings. This transformative life journey ignited her fervent desire to help others access both internal and external resources, guiding them towards fulfilling lives.

Her blog is a testament to the power of self-awareness, nurturing relationships, and the importance of building a strong sense of community. Join Leslie on this heartwarming and transformative journey, where she wholeheartedly believes that every person possesses the strength to shine, thrive, and overcome life’s intricacies. Together, we’ll discover the joy of embracing our true selves and embracing the journey ahead. Welcome to Watermelon Joy!

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